Announcing development of non-hazardous and improved performance FCC SOx reduction additives

I am extremely pleased to announce that after a one-year development and analytical testing program in conjunction with Argonne National Labs and Virginia Commonwealth University we are now able to offer non-hazardous FCC SOx reduction additives (Ultra SOxBuster®) in both spinel (USB-M30™) and hydrotalcite (USB-M60™) variants.  Our Ultra SOxBuster® additives are also proving to be better performing in operational use than the top-selling competitor’s hydrotalcite-based additive that has an SDS listing multiple human health hazards.

Please download our full announcement at:

GWARU announcement - SOx additives - January 14, 2020

Our Ultra SOxBuster® additives are manufactured by our partners in China and the USA which uniquely enables us to manage costs from a global supply chain - tariffs versus security of supply concerns with Chinese rare earth oxide export issues. Furthermore, by employing one of our non-hazardous additives, refiners can proactively prevent hazardous exposure to their employees and their communities from accidental spills or inadvertent air emissions during loading and injection of these SOx additives into the FCC. Why risk the liability of using a hazardous additive when a proven, non-hazardous and more cost-effective alternative is readily available?

We will be pleased to share with you the details of our work and provide you a safer and more cost-effective alternative for your FCC SOx emissions control requirements. Please contact Guido Aru at or any of our sales team for additional information about our SOx additives.