Announcing our Alliance with Pneumix for Sales and Support of FCC Catalyst and Additive Handling Equipment and Addition Systems

I am very pleased to announce G. W. Aru, LLC is now working with Pneumix Injection Units, BV to market their systems to petroleum refiners in North America as well as to our FCC catalyst and additive customers globally. Pneumix has been a global leader in FCC catalyst and additive loading systems as well as other bulk catalyst handling solutions since 1989.  They offer an extensive portfolio of innovative and highly-reliable systems and custom solutions to meet all refinery requirements for handling FCC catalysts and additives from cradle to grave. These systems include:

  • FCC catalyst addition units to accommodate all catalyst addition rate needs
  • FCC additive addition systems – both stand-alone and multi-source systems
  • Combination catalyst and multi-additive addition systems
Single source systems for large
catalyst storage hoppers
Additions from up to four
catalyst/additive sources
  • Bulk catalyst handling systems for super sacks
  • Bulk catalyst handling systems for lined containers
  • Container tilting systems to facilitate catalyst unloading
  • The Pneumix Power Pipe for unloading large volumes of catalyst

Pneumix also manufactures various specialty catalyst handling systems and devices, including:

Pneumix State of the Art Catalyst Control Systems
  • Fines collection and handling systems for ESP’s and other PM control systems
  • Injection systems for walnut shelling to clean expander blades
  • Catalyst screening systems to remove foreign objects and catalyst clumps
  • The Non-Return Valve to prevent hot gas or catalyst backflow from the regenerator
  • Custom system solutions

Please download our announcement at: Pneumix – GW Aru Announcement – March 1, 2019

Please contact Guido Aru at or any of our sales team at for additional information about how we at G. W. Aru, LLC can cost-effectively address all your FCC catalyst and additive handling and addition system requirements through our alliance with Pneumix Injection Units, BV.

About Pneumix Injection Units, BV:  The company was founded in 1989 specifically to develop and manufacture FCC catalyst and additive addition systems and other catalyst handling systems and equipment for the petroleum refining industry. Pneumix is ISO 9001-2015 certified. With installations in over 100 refineries globally, Pneumix is the internationally recognized leader in these technologies.  For more information on Pneumix Injection Units, BV, please see their website at