Announcing our expanded alliance with UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, Inc.

I am very pleased to announce G. W. Aru, LLC has expanded our alliance with UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, Inc. Under this expanded alliance, UNICAT will now provide sales and technical support services along with logistics and distribution management for our FCC catalyst and additive products in markets outside the Americas.  This alliance enables us to expand our market presence and maintain low fixed costs by utilizing UNICAT’s existing infrastructure to support our customers and manage regulatory requirements such as REACH in the European Union. UNICAT has an extensive refinery catalyst portfolio and this alliance further expands it to include our FCC additives and other catalysts and products from our partners.

Our alliance with UNICAT has been very successful in North America, enabling us to offer comprehensive catalyst solutions to our petroleum refining and petrochemical customers there.  For example, we have combined Magma Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) catalyst with UNICAT’s adsorbents and shift catalysts to provide a high-performance and cost-effective solution to increase hydrogen production for a top-five US refiner across multiple sites; this allows for significantly increased hydrogen production from their existing SMRs to meet their hydrotreating demands for Tier 3 and IMO sulfur reduction requirements.

Working jointly with UNICAT in North America to offer UNICAT’s products around FCC has also brought value to our FCC catalyst and additive customers. UNICAT’s Cat-Poly and Alky SHU catalysts, for example, enables us to bring a more extensive portfolio of catalyst solutions to our petroleum refinery customers.  Additionally, our alliance with Pneumix complements our combined catalyst portfolio with their catalyst handling and addition system equipment.

We have structured our UNICAT alliance with the key focus being our customers and maximizing value and support to them.  Working together, we manage our costs by optimizing the use of existing assets to maintain our competitive pricing advantage. We also combine the expertise of our teams to ensure that the highest level of technical support and service is provided seamlessly to our customers across our combined product portfolios.

Please contact Guido Aru at for additional information about this exciting alliance with UNICAT.

About G. W. Aru, LLC: G. W. Aru, LLC is founded on the principles of Integrity, Innovation and Value. We specialize in sales, marketing and technical support services for catalysts, sorbents, chemicals and related technologies and services for the petroleum refining and petrochemical industry. We provide a channel-to-market for our manufacturing partners and we work with them to develop new and innovative products to meet your needs, thus offering you new value-creation opportunities.  Our objective is to offer you the best-value solutions through our ability to access a robust portfolio of products and services which our highly-experienced team can tailor to meet your unique requirements.  Please see for more information about G. W. Aru, LLC.

About UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, Inc.:

UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, Inc. was formed in January 2000 as an unrivaled company in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. The driving force behind UNICAT’s formation were three fundamental principles missing in the traditional larger suppliers in the market:

  • Flexibility to meet unique customer requirements quickly
  • Dedication to lower costs for industrial users
  • Innovation to improve niche catalyst market services ignored by large suppliers

Since 2000, UNICAT have developed over 100 innovative products in niche catalyst markets such as Sulfur Guards, Chloride Removal, Arsine Purification, Hydroprocessing, Bed Grading technology, Polymerization, Sweetening Process and Synthetic Gas (Hydrogen) while maintaining a cost structure lower than all current competitors in the market.

Please see for more information about UNICAT.