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Ultra FCC Additives

G.W. Aru, LLC is pleased to offer a full line of Ultra FCC Additives manufactured by our OEM partners and suppliers in the USA, China and Europe. These additives can be packaged in any manner to meet your requirements and we can work with our logistics partners and suppliers to further optimize the material handling requirements and costs for your additive usage needs. Independent Quality Control and Assurance is provided by Cat Testing Labs, Inc (CTL), which is trusted by many refiners to provide QC and QA of catalysts and additives produced by US-based and overseas manufacturers.

Our Ultra FCC Additives™ include Busters™, Boosters, Opters, and Great FCC Promoters (GFP™):

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FCC Catalyst

We are working with two outstanding OEM partners, China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation (PetroChina) and Qingdao Huicheng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (HCPect).  Each offers innovative and value-creating technologies which we can tailor to meet your specific FCC performance requirements and operating budget constraints.  Our team provides local sales and technical service support along with full laboratory QA/QC testing, e-cat analysis and diagnostic/trouble shooting analysis capabilities through our relationship with Cat Testing Labs, Inc. (CTL).

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Addition Systems for Additives and FCC Catalyst

We are very pleased to be working with Pneumix Injection Units, BV to market their systems to petroleum refiners in North America as well as to our FCC catalyst and additive customers globally. Pneumix has been a global leader in FCC catalyst and additive loading systems as well as other bulk catalyst handling solutions since 1989. They offer an extensive portfolio of innovative and highly-reliable systems and custom solutions to meet all refinery requirements for handling FCC catalysts and additives from cradle to grave.

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FCC Catalyst Testing

Our team can help you develop catalyst testing protocols to improve your catalyst selection process and coordinate testing and results analysis with testing laboratories such as CTL, Inc. and CPERI.

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Claus Catalyst (US Customers Only)

Working with Euro Support and ASM Catalysts, we offer a full range of Claus sulfur recovery catalyst packages for our US customers, including their unique and innovative titania-CoMo product. Selection recommendations to optimize performance and catalyst life are provided along with guarantees.

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Syngas, H2 and other Refinery and Petrochemical Catalysts and Sorbents

Working with companies such as UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, Inc. and Magma Ceramics and Catalysts, Inc., we offer innovative and cost-effective products for:

  • Syngas and refinery hydrogen production
  • Refinery purification applications
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
  • Refining/bed grading AFS
  • Cat-Poly catalyst
  • Alky Selective Hydrogenation, including innovative skid-mounted units

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